All of my Video Tutorials in One Place

Hell All!

I realized that I have all of my video tutorial links spread out across a bunch of different posts.  So I decided to compile a list of URLs for all of my video tutorials and blog it.  So, here is the Silverlight video tutorial list:

How to create Custom RoutedEvents in Silverlight (Thanks to Andrew Whiddett and IdentityMine for this One):

Use the Silverlight Toolkit’s WrapPanel to create a ListBox that displays three rows of Data:

Create a Silverlight custom Silder:

How to create a Visual Tree Helper to locate FrameworkElements in the Visual Tree:

Using DataBinding to control the Visibility of any Silverlight Object using Blend and Visual Studio:

How to create a complete Sketchflow Prototype in Silverlight:

Creating a Custom Silverlight Button Just for Designers (using linear and radial gradients, the gradient tool and opacity masks):

Creating a Custom Silverlight Button:

Creating a Storyboard Helper Class:

Importing Photoshop PSD files into Expression Blend 3:

Creating Morphing Vector Path Storyboards in Blend

Re-Creating a Metallic Logo in Vector using Blend 3
Creating Timed Storyboard Animations
Using TemplateBinding to Replace a ContentPresenter in a Silverlight Button
Working with Data in BLend 3
Silverlight 3 Behavior Tutorial Video
This Tutorial will teach you how to create a Card Flipping Animation! 

Observable Collection Tutorial

Silverlight Extended Drag and Drop Behavior:

Enjoy! Victor

  1. Very good videos! Thanks

    A small remark, all menu aren’t displayed, but that’s a details.

  2. Hey Laurent, Yes I noticed that too…it seems that my screen capture software does not record dialog popups…I tried to look for a setting but I didn’t have any luck. I guess I will just have to talk the viewers through what the dialog boxes say in the future. I am glad you enjoying the videos! Victor

    • scoscoggins
    • October 17th, 2009

    Hello Pal,

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    Plus, which hosting do you use as I keep hearing negative stories about the host I am thinking of placing my site with. Plus any other informative tips you could give re starting up my website would be most helpful and gratefully appreciated.

    I hope that someone has helpful information about this

    Thanks Bro,

    • Mike Stacey-Gee
    • January 22nd, 2010

    Some of the links are broken – see Re-Creating a Metallic Logo in Vector using Blend 3

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