New Video Tutorial: How to make a Silverlight Glassy Button for Designers

In my recent video tutorial on how to create a custom Silverlight Button Control I showed how to make a set of Rectangles that look like a glassy button.  I then showed how to turn it into an actual Silverlight Button.  I got an email from a reader/friend named Partick telling me that the information was very useful but the button itself was not very convincing as a glassy button.  He suggested that I make a tutorial that was aimed at designers showing them how to re-create convincing glassy buttons like ones shown here:

I told him that would be a good idea and asked him which button he suggest I show how to re-create.  He told me that he liked the round button (the third one from the top on the URL above).

I went ahead and made the video for him.  Now, because of time contraints I could not make the custom Silverlight Button look EXACTLY like the one he showed me but I could show him, and others, the tools by which they could re-create these and other such buttons that are 100% acurate, design-wise of course.

Please keep in mind that this video tutorial is just for designers.  Enjoy!


Victor Gaudioso

    • Patrick Crawford
    • October 6th, 2009

    Thank you Victor!

    • LOL…Well thanks for asking Partrick. And also thanks for remininding me that I was forgetting about the design community. I forget because I am not a designer but it is important that I remember because I have an understanding of the tools that Silverlight developers need to make their magic.

  1. October 8th, 2009

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