New Codeplex Silvelright Project! Silverlight StoryboardHelper

Hello All!

I have finally done it; that is, add a project to codeplex! 

It consists of a Silverlight project (called StoryboarHelperProject) with a class called StoryboardHelper.cs.   Currently it has two public static methods called FadeInFrameworkElement and FadeIOutFrameworkElement. They allow you to specify a FrameworkElement to be faded in or out over a specified duration after a specified delay time.

It is my hope that people will add to the StoryboardHelper class to make this the most comprehensive Silverlight Storyboard helper class around!

Please take a look and start to contribute to your Silvelright Community today!



  1. Do you have a starter list of things you’d like to see added?

    • Yes, I have so many ideas that I could add at about 12 new static methods just today. But this is not about me; its about the community. If you want to add something then I trust you will and it will be very useful. So, give your idea a try…I am SURE it will be useful to me or someone else…if not now, they will need it later.
      And, Thank you for your contribution!

  1. November 11th, 2009
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