New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to use the FarseerPhysics.dll to create a Ragdoll with Simulated Physics

Hello All,

I was playing around with simulated physics in Silverlight.  I came accross a great, open source library called the FarseerPhysics library originated by Jeff Weber.  I watched a couple of videos on how to do a couple of cool things but I realized there was no tutorial on how to create a Ragdoll.  So, I decided to make one.  This video shows you how to easily incorportate simulated physics into your Silverlight applications all without writing a line of code! Enjoy!


Sample Project:

Farseer dlls:

  1. Hi Victor,

    This was the first Video I saw of yours.

    Thanks for this wonderful tutorial for novices.

    It is a great effort and an excellent reference for many folks out here.


    twitter @kanchirk

  2. I’m very happy u enjoyed the tutorial; It is this type of reaction that makes them so fun to do. Thank you! Victor Gaudioso

  3. Hi Victor,

    Great Tutorial, thanks for sharing!

    One thing that can make the ragdoll behave better – Make sure to set the CollisionGroup on each joint to a value, say “1”, and this will set the CollisionGroup for the objects on each side of the joint.

    If you don’t do this, then the objects on each side of the joint collide with each other and fight to get away 🙂

    Also might want to note the home page for the Physics Behaviors – – so that users can get updates when they’re available.


  4. Hello Andy,

    Thanks so much for the advice I will be sure and set the CollisionGroup to “1” and I suggest that those who take the tutorial do the same as Andy, if I am not mistaken wrote a lot of the FarseerPhysics library. Is that correct Andy?

    I should have mentioned the codplex URL ( so thanks for reminding me.

    Again, thanks for commenting and your advice. And, thanks for your contributions to the physics simulation libraries and for sharing with the community.


  5. Hey Victor,

    Here are some props 🙂

    I wrote the series of Physics Behaviors and controls that are part of the Physics Helper Library at This provides the drag-drop application of physics in Blend, creation of joints, boundary determination etc.

    Jeff Weber wrote the Farseer Physics Engine, which is the underlying physics engine in the Physics Helper –

    … and the Farseer Physics Engine is based on another physics engine, Box2D –

    Hope this helps,

  6. Hey Andy, yes that helps a lot! Thank you so much for the historic rundown of the physics library. You guys have done a great service to the software development community. Thanks! Victor

    • SweetJohnnyV
    • November 20th, 2009

    Victor and Andy, thanks for the great tutorial and information. This stuff looks like a lot of fun!

    On a related note, are either of you have aware of any good references for getting up to speed on creating your own custom behaviors for Blend? It seems like a really powerful way of packaging your code!

    • SweetJV
    • November 20th, 2009

    Ha! So, I was just reading through your other posts and see that you’ve already made a tutorial. I just got done going through it and it seems really easy to use.

    Thanks again for the nice tutorials!

    • SweetJV
    • November 20th, 2009

    Victor and Andy, thanks for the great tutorial and information. This physics lib looks like a lot of fun to play with!

    This tutorial also sparked me to find out how to create custom Behaviors for Blend, and in reading through your other posts, I see you’ve already made a tutorial for that. I just went through that and they seem really easy to create and use.

    I’m really liking Silverlight so far. Thanks again for all the helpful info!

  7. Hi Victor,
    This is the video that convinced me to buy your book. We’re designing several online games and chose the Silverlight technology over Flash. Everything is new and somewhat confusing to start a solution, how to design and plan the entire project etc.. Coming from Adobe, C++,Perl and Python backgrounds. We know if we can get a handle on it it will be a couple of weeks to fully playable prototype. My kids and I watched your ragdoll demo and were entertained and educated by it. We learned so much about Blend in the few minutes of this video. We need information on building an isometric world, moving the characters about etc. If you have resources you can point us to that would be appreciated.

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