A Rough Draft of my New Silverlight 4 Book (due out in 2010)

Apress/Friends of Ed has engaged me to write a follow up to my last book Foundation Blend 3 with Silverlight .  This new book will have all of the information from my last book as it is still relevant for Silverlight 4 but will also include the many wonderful new features of Silvelright 4.  I have created a rough draft for the Table of Contents for the new book and have decided to share it with you.  Please feel free to help me out and provide me with comments so that I can provide you with the best product to help those that are interested learn Silveright.

Table of Contents (working name: Foundation: Silverlight 4)

  1. Setting up the development environment (Blend 3 probably Blend 4 when released, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4 Tools, Silverlight 4 Runtime)
  2. The Blend 3 (probably 4) Integrated Development Environment: The Toolbar, panels, artboard, workspace modes (Animation v Design)
  3. C#, XAML, and Object Oriented Programming
  4. Controls: Including the new Silverlight 4 Controls: ViewBox, RichTextArea ,  FlowDirection Property, the Improved DataGrid
  5. Timed Storyboards: Creating a Newton Cradle application
  6. Using the VSM and Blend 3’s State panel to create a Silverlight Media Player
  7. Behaviors: Included behaviors and custom behaviors: Using the FarseerPhysics engine to create a simple Silverlight 4 video game
  8. The Silverlight MediaElement: Create a video player application with Behaviors, XML serialization, and the new Silverlight 4 Drop property
  9. Using RIA services with the Silverlight 4 Network Authentication
  10. Events and EventHandlers including SL 4 right-click and MouseWheel event handling
  11. Classes and Interfaces
  12. ControlTemplates, Styles and Custom UserControls
  13. Writing a Custom Silverlight 4 Content Panel
  14. Writing a Silverlight 4 Out of the Browser application with Elevated Trust and the new Silverlight 4 COM API
  15. DataBinding: What is it? Improvements in Silverlight 4: DependencyObject Binding, StringFormat, TargetNullValue, FallbackValue
  16. Silverlight 4 Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
  17. Building a Sketchflow Prototype
  18.  The Silverlight 4 Printing and Open Save APIs: Create an Image Printer application
  19. Creating a Photobooth application with the Silverlight 4 Microphone and Webcam API
  20. Miscellaneous Silverlight 4 Features:  The Clipboard API,  Command support for Buttons,  HTML support, the Notification API, TextTrimming, Full Keyboard access in Full Screen,  Offline DRM support, Data Validation, ,Fluid user interface support, Implicit theming for Controls, Google Chrome support



  1. Hi VictorGardisio,

    Looks like a detailed book on SL4. A couple of things I noticed:
    1. Inclusion of ICommand and/or MVVM stuff. Really interesting concepts, please add a note about these.
    2. Unit testing. There seem to be very few books that have testing included in them.
    3. I’m not sure what chapter 11 Classes & Interfaces is about. If it’s about OO concepts, it would make more sense to put them as chapter 4 or include them in chapter 3 itself.


  2. my apologies, got your name wrong.

  3. Hi,

    I realy like books that leave the basics for what they are (that’s where you have the “beginning…” books for) and realy dive into the real live scenarios.

    MEF is a good one, please elaborate fully, .NET RIA Services is perfect to, please don’t scimp on actual working scenarios. Secure communication with WCF Services, options? PollingDuplex bindings, and bindings in general. Possible use on Windows Azure. Deployment strategies, configuration settings, where do you keep your critical settings? on server, in code? Segmentation of the application, when a user downloads the XAP where do they have access to, architecture best practices.

    I think I could go on but it is probably too much already? hope it helps, good luck with your book.

  4. Hi Victor,

    I attended you talk at the Inland Empire User group. I purchased your book and enjoyed it very much. I would however suggest that you include a section on security (i.e. login, logout, roles, etc.). There is not a lot of information out there especially on Silverlight 4. If you have any links I would appreciate if you would let me know.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Victor,

    Always enjoying your video’s. Is there already a release date of your new book?



  6. Any chance of publishing your “Foundation Blend 3 with silverlight” on the Amazon Kindle store? I can see the Blend 2 version but not version 3. Paper is sooo last decade 🙂

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