My Silverlight 4 Presentation at LA C# Usergroup in Manhatten Beach, CA (12.01.09)

Hello All!

The LA C# Usergroup in Manhattan Beach was kind enough to invite me to present on Silverlight 4 last night and it went very well.  The members were very into everything .NET and very interested to hear what Silverlight had to offer.  As always I talked about Silverlight and then proceeded to code some cool samples for them right on stage. 

I made three applications while presenting: a SL4 Drop application, a simple physics enabled Asteroids game, and a Webcam application.  I also recorded the entire two hour session.  So, below you can download the source code for the demos I made, view the running demos and even watch the presentation.

Enjoy and thank you very much LA C# Usergroup, I had a BLAST!

Presentation Video | 1st half:

Presentation Video | 2nd half:

Webcam App:
Project Source Code:
Running Application:

DropDemo Source Code:

Project Source Code:
Running Application:

Blog Page for LA C# Presentation:

My Blog:
Blog of all of my Video Tutorials:

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    • December 15th, 2009

    i really found this to be interesting. thanks for sharing

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