New Silverlight 4 Video Tutorial: Making a Cool Webcam Application that can Save Images

Hello All,

In this new Silverlight Video Tutorial I show you how to use the new Webcam API to create a very cool Webcam application that allows you run your webcam, take snapshot images, place funny objects such as hats over your face, take snapshots and then save the image to you hard drive.  Kids get a Blast out of these kids of applications.  Below is all of the information you will need.  Enjoy!

Video Tutorial:
My Sample Project:
Project Download:
Encoding Files (must be added to your project to save images):
SaveTheImage.txt File:

  1. Have you seen my blog post “EdgeCam Shots – Saving Silverlight 4 Webcam Snapshots to JPEG” from November 23rd:

  2. No actually I hadn’t but your implementation seems a bit more simple than mine so I wish I had. Good job!
    On a side note, you have a small typo in the How it Works paragraph. You say “There’s only one think to keep in…” and I think it should be “There’s only one THING to keep in…”
    Thanks for the comment, I am going to play with your implementation now.

  3. pretty interesting stuff. i’m going to have to give it a try when i get the time.

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