The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup December Meeting was Awesome

Hello All,

We had a great LASLUG meeting on the 18th of December.  Tim Mustain, CTO of SpeakTECH showed us a Silverlight solution for digital Daileys (dailies are a film print, video tape, or now digital format of the footage shot during the day of production) that they built for one of the major movie studios.  Not only did Tim show us how it worked from a user’s perspective but he was kind enough to delve into the actual code!  I am pretty sure that everyone there, including myself learned a thing or two if not much more than that.  I myself probably learned about 5 new things about Silverlight that I hadn’t known prior to Tim’s talk.  That is a pretty tall order for someone who has written books on the subject.

I then proceeded to show off some cool new features of Silverlight 4.  On stage I created the following Silverlight apps:

1) I created a Webcam application using the new Webcam API.  Source Code:

2. I created an Out Of the Browser (OOB) application with Elevated Trust using the COM Interop API that started up an instance of MSFT Word and created a new Document that contained the text that we typed into the TextBox in the Silverlight application. Source Code:

3. I then created an app using the new DROP API that allowed you to drop and image from your hard drive onto the app that the app would then display. Source Code:

Unfortunately I forgot to record Tim’s presentation and I am kicking myself for that.  But I did remember to record my presentation (I swear it was a mistake!)

You can see my presentation here:

You can download the source code for the projects I created during my presentation from the URLs above next to the description of the apps.

Thanks to everyone for coming and to Jason Campbell of MSFT for providing the space, the gourmet pizza and getting Tim from SpeakTECH to present!


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