Vote for Open Call MIX Sessions

Hello All,

As you know MIX 2010 is coming soon (March 15-17).  Many of us submitted Open Call Session Proposals.  Some of those proposals actually were liked enough by MSFT and put up to you, the public for a vote.  So, please go to and vote for the sessions you would like to see.  Not going to MIX you say?  Well, those session will be posted when MIX ends so you will be able to see them.  So you have a vested interest and should go vote now.  Now, I am not saying you have to vote for me.  But, if you like the session I proposed then please put me on your ballot.  My session is:

Tips and Tricks for the WPF/Silverlight Developer: How to get the most out of developing in Blend and Visual Studio

Also, you might want to also vote for two friends of mine who I have seen give presentations before and are very good at it.  They are:

David Kelley:

Hacking Silverlight 4
Multi Dos and Don’t touches –Multi Touch Development from the trenches
Breaking Down Walls – The Story of Getting designers and developers working together in an Agency Environment

Rick Barazza:

Hollywood Draws First Blood: Media, Magic and Experience Design
Sketching Interactions with C#

Some other guys I would like to see present are Justin Angel and John Stockton.

Thanks and hopefully I will see you at MIX!


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