New Silverlight Video Tutorial: The Blend IDE – Part 4 – The Objects & Timeline and States Panel

Hello All,

In this, the 4th installment of the Learn Blend IDE Video Tutorial Series I teach you about:

1. The Objects & Timeline Panel;

2. The States Panel;

3. How to use the GoToStateAction Behavior to activate a Visual State



Other videos in this series:

Part 1 – the Blend Toolbar:

Part 2 – Layout Controls and User Input Controls:

Part 3 – The Properties, Projects and Data panels:

    • funwithcoding
    • February 28th, 2010

    I wish I can find better words than “Thank you”. Great work!!!

  1. Thank you very much Victor – your videos are awesome.

  2. These videos are great – you are explaining all of the details that a lot of other videos skip.

    Hopefully, #5 will be more on animating storyboards and timeline editing.

    Thank you for taking the time to do these videos – it is really appreciated.


  3. Hi Victor,

    Would it be possible to download your videos? That way I can more easily follow along with Blend open while I view the video.

    As always, thanks a bunch for giving us developers the help we meed to develop cool UIs in Silverlight.


    • Yes Helen, it is possible. I would just need to give you the URL that the Silverlight MediaElement is using and you can then download it. There are quite a few videos so I would need to know which ones(s) you want the URLs for. Shoot me an email and let me know and I will send you the video URL. My email is wpfauthor at gmail dot com. Victor

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