My MIX10 Interview with Byes on MSDN

Hello All!

I have been asked to give an interview with Bytes by MSDN at MIX1o this year (today actually).  They have questions prepared for me but they emailed me and asked me if there were some questions that I would like them to ask.  They call them “seed” questions and are meant to allow me to talk about anything I deem imp0rtant.  I don’t really have anything other than all things “Silverlight” to talk about so I thought it would be a nice idea to throw this question out to you, my loyal readers, tutorial followers and fellow Silverlight developers (both advanced and new).

With that, what are some questions you would like to see Bytes on MSDN ask me?  Please add your comments and let me know.

Thanks and I will post a link to the interview here when posted.

Victor Gaudioso

    • Lavanya
    • March 15th, 2010

    Hi Victor,

    I am newbie to Silverlight, I have 3 Questions for you

    1) Silverlight 3.0 doest not support Commanding it is Out of box and i think in SL4 its the same thing In future release are you planing to Support Commanding.

    2) Currently most of them are using Prism 2.0 and there is alot of buzz on Prism 4.0 and MEF what Road Map for Microsoft Silverlight

    3) I had read a lot of blogs (Nikhil, ColinBlair etc) saying to use WCF RIA Services but it is still in beta version and doest not have support

    If there are any dumb questions sorry for that

    Thanks in Advance

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