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I have Joined TechPath as a Senior UX Evangelist

I have decided to accept a position as a Senior UX Evanglist developing WPF and Silverlight with TechPath

TechPath, a Microsoft Managed and Gold Certified Partner is an expert in Microsoft technologies. TechPath  aids a host of different Fortune 500 companies decide what MSFT technology best meets their specific needs and then aids them in implementing that technology.  Some of these clients are, but not limited to: Microsoft, Disney, Universal, Viacom among others.

I am proud to join TechPath as their principal Silverlight UI expert!


New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create Gradients

Hello All!

In doing a lot of speaking engagements I get asked lots of Silverlight questions.  From these questions I have noticed a pattern emerging whereby many people have a terrible time working with gradients.  Of course the real trick, as is with anything, is practice but before one can start to practice they have to understand the tools of the trade.  So, in this short, 10 minute video I show you how to duplicate a somewhat complex gradient while along the way explaining the tools required to do the job; namely, the Gradient tool, the color palette and the Gradient Eyedropper tools. 

With this video and a little practice you too will be able to duplicate the most complex of gradients all on your own!

So, roll up your sleeves, fire up Expression Blend and Get To It!

My Microsoft MVP Award!

My MVP Award just came in the mail and it did not dissapoint.  There was a really nice plaque, a glass award, an MVP ID card and an MVP pin. Take a look at the video of me opening my award!

Click HERE for the video!

New Video Tutorial: How to Use a Behavior to Fire Methods from Objects in Styles

Hello All!

Recently I had a developer ask me how he could fire an event from the CheckBox that I had put in the Style of the UserControl I gave him. 

I thought about it and, the problem is that objects in a Style are not really  part of the Visual Tree until the Style is attached at runtime. 

After a lot of thought and many failures I developed a Behavior (IN CODE) that can  be attached to objects in or out of Styles that allows you to specify what Method they need to fire. This Behavior uses Reflection to find and invoke the specificed method. 

I made a video tutorial to show you how to do it too!


Victor Gaudioso