New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create Fast Forward for the MediaElement

Hello All!

As you probably already know there is no “built-in” way to accomplish Fast Forward with the Silverlight MediaElement.  So, in this 24 minute video I show you how to:

1. Create a new Silverlight application;
2. Add a MediaElement, a Fast Forward Button and a TextBlock for the video’s position information;
3. Create a PlayState Enum and a DispatcherTimer
4. Then on click of the button I show you how to a. Make the video Fast Forward at 1x speed and b. click it again for 2x speed.

If you are doing video this is a must for any self-respecting video player!


Demo (see the Fast Forward button in action here):
Download my Source Code:

(My Source code is not downloading well for me and a few others, if that is the case Michael Washington, MVP has hosted the source on his servers: download here:  Thank you Michael

  1. Wow this is great! Rewind? Can I get it in time for my presentation at the Los Angles Silverlight User’s group?

    • Rukshan
    • June 1st, 2010

    Wow! this is what I was exactly looking for!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much. You’re a lifesaver 🙂

    • Rukshan
    • June 1st, 2010


    in the source code sample,

    I believe

    double CurPos = MyPlayer.Position.Seconds; should be changed to double CurPos = MyPlayer.Position.TotalSeconds; (for the videos longer than 1 minutes)

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