New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Add Multiple BitmapEffects to One Object

In response to my Twitter buddy Funwithcoding I made this post: In Silverlight you can only add one BitmapEffect (Blur or DropShadow) to one object at a time. But these effects are passed down to their child objects (inheritance).  For that reason we can use a little trick and apply multiple effects to one object (or so it appears).  In this Short two minute video I show you how:

An object with a DropShadow and Blur effect:


  1. Hi Vistor,

    a while ago I demonstrated this technique with an Experimental Shining Font Desgin

    and I explained this in a how to video for the german audience

    Additionally I created a Glossy TextBlock Custom Control

    in which I this technique CAN be used (through styling) but NOT HAVE TO be used. So the custom control provides the opportunity to avoid performance issues that are potentially associated with using multiple effects.

    Hope this might help additionaly.

    Best regards,

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