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New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Make a Slide In/Out Navigation Bar – All in Blend

In this video tutorial I show you how to use Behaviors and the Visual State Manager to create a navigation bar that slides in when the user places their mouse at the top of the page and then slides away when they move their mouse away from the navigation.  You can see it yourself in action Here.


My Source:

Enjoy! Victor Gaudioso


My June and July 2010 Speaking Schedule

Hello All,

As always I like to keep you all informed of where/when you can come and see me present on Silverlight.  So, here is my current speaking schedule for the months of June and July 2010.  Please note that some of these dates are tentative and subject to change.  If they are tentative I will mention it.  Thank You and I Hope to see some of you at these events.  Be sure to come up and say hello if you do come!

Sat. June 19, 2010: Book signing/Silverlight 4 presentation – The Microsoft Store – Mission Viejo, CA: 
This event is sponsored by Microsoft, Apress and DevExpress and held at the Microsoft store in Mission Viejo, CA.  There will be food and lots of free stuff.  DevExpress will be giving away free copies of their very popular Silverlight Controls like the AgDataGrid SuiteApress, will of course be giving away books on Silverlight, WPF and .NET development.   I am sure there will also be free copies of my last book, Foundation Blend 3 with Silverlight and possibly even advance copies of my next book Foundation Blend 4 with Silverlight 4.  I will also be signing books and then doing a presentation right on stage.  Will be showing off some new features of Silverlight 4 including but not limited to the Webcam and COM Interop APIs!

Sat. June 26: SoCal Code Camp – San Diego, CA
SoCal Code Camp is a place for developers to come and learn from their peers.  I will be speaking on new Features of Silverlight 4, but this time with an emphasis on building Out Of Browser applications.  Join me as I build right on stage an OOB Chromless application with Elevated trust.  I am going to show you how to build the TutorialCam that I use on all of my free Silverlight video tutorials.

Friday July 23 – RIAPaloosa 3 – Chicago at the Illinos Technology Association:
RIAPALOOZA is a community-driven, non-profit, day-long event for professionals who design, develop, customize, maintain and maximize business value using rich platforms like Flash, Silverlight and HTML5.  Join me as I present on Building RIAs without writing code with Silverlight 4 (session link coming soon).  During this session I am going to show how to build Silverlight games using the Farsser Physics Library.  More specifically, I am going to show how to build the popular 80’s game Asteroids all without writing a single line of code!

 Wed. June 16 – Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup – June Meeting
The Los Angeles Silverlight usergroup is a group created by myself and Jason Campbell so that interaction designers and developers can come together to learn about Silverlight, Expression and creating rich internet applications.  Join us for some free food, free prizes and some great presentations. I say that because Yours Truly is going to present at this meeting and show how to develop Windows 7 Mobile applications using Silverlight!  For this event Microsoft has sent me some Win7 Mobile swag that you’ll just love to have and I will love to be giving away!

Checkout my Interview with Microsoft’s Murray Gordon at MIX 10

I sat down and talked Silverlight 4 with Murray Gordon at MIX 10.  Check out the interview here:

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create a ToolTip with a Delay

Have you ever needed to have your Silverlight Object’s ToolTip appear after a delay?  Say, two seconds?  Well, if you have done this in WPF you know that it is quite easy but not so for Silverlight.  Until Microsoft adds that property we are just out of luck, or are we? 

Well, after some research I found THIS project on CodePlex called the Advanced ToolTip project.  The author, someone named XavierDecoster has extended the ToolTipService class and added a property called InitialDelay that sets the time before the ToolTip will appear and one called DelayTime that will set how long the ToolTip shows before it disappears.  AWESOME!

So, I made a short, 7 minute video tutorial that shows you how to use this awesome ToolTipService. 

Watch the video here:

Download my source here (the Silverlight.Controls.dll can be found in it):

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create a Silverlight Paging System to Load new Pages

Toaday I got a comment from a blog reader named Fracisco…I think he wanted to know how to load new pages into a Silverlight website.  Just for him, and because I think many of you have the same problem, I made a video tutorial where I show you how to:

1. Create a Content Holder UserControl;

2. Make two pages called HomePage and AboutUs

3. In App.xaml load ContentHolder instead of MainPage.xaml (the default action of a SL app)

4. Create a SwitchContent method that takes a UserControl as its argument; this method will load the requested page into the ContentHolder control

5. Make a Nav UserControl that has Buttons that load the associated page into the ContentHolder UserControl

6. Add the Nav control to each page

7. Create EventHandlers in the Nav.xaml.cs to load the associated content into the ContentHolder User

8. VIOLA! You will then have a Silverlight paging system that loads any page, on Demand into your MainPage.xaml!


Working Example: (from the source code below)

My Project:

Video: (Running Time: 17 Minutes)

Hi Victor
I’m very new to blend and I need a very basic code to make that button call an hyperlink to create live buttons in blend to be used in Expressions 3 to call the other pages in my site, I try the help in blend (the sample code there only give an error at time to run it) and look in your book Expression blend 3 but I can’t find the answer to to this simple task. Can you help?

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Save an Image in Your Silverlight Applications

Hello All,

I get asked this question probably more than most and that is, how can I save an image to my hard drive from my Silverlight applications.  Well the answer is, I use Joe Stegman’s PngEncoder.cs to do the job.  It works so well and you can implement it in about 5 minutes.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this 7 minute video where I show you how to create a new Silverlight application, add an image to it, add two class files and one method and then save an image right from my Silverlight application.


Source Files:

The SaveTheImage Method (text file)

My PhotoboothApp

The PngEncoder.cs file:

The EditiableImage.cs file:


My Microsoft MVP Award!

My MVP Award just came in the mail and it did not dissapoint.  There was a really nice plaque, a glass award, an MVP ID card and an MVP pin. Take a look at the video of me opening my award!

Click HERE for the video!