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All of My Silverlight Video Tutorials in One Place (revised again 05.12.10)

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Hello All,

This is a post that keeps growing day by  day so I need to update its postion to be at the top of my blog as the content grows. So, here it is again by popular demand:

49. How to add multiple BitmapEffects to one object in Silverlight:

48. How to build a Slider with a ToolTip that follows the thumb button and displays the value of the Slider:

 47. How to build your very own TutorialCam like I use in my video tutorials!

46. Fire one of two Visual States based on the value of a Boolean variable:

45. How to add Fast Forward to the Silverlight MediaElement:

44. Create a custom ToolTip with a Delay:

43. Create a Silverlight Paging Systems to Load Pages on the Fly:

42. Create a Slide In/Out Navigation Panel:

41. How to use Joe Stegman’s PngEncoder to save an image from your Silverlight application:

40. How to create complex gradients:

39. My Blend IDE series – Part 1 – the Blend Toolbar:

38. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 2 – Layout Controls and User Input Controls:

37. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 3 – The Properties, Projects and Data panels: 

36. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 4 – The Objects & Timeline and States panels:

35. My Learn Blend IDE series Part 5 – Blend’s Animation Workspace – Everything you need to know to create Storyboard Animations –

34. How to make a 3 column ListBox in Silverlight:

33. How to read XML into Silverlight and turn it into Native Silverlight Objects:

32. Create a default Silverlight 4 Out Of Browser app that allows you to create new OOB apps in mere seconds:

31. How to make a forever scrolling Silverligh banner:

30. How to create a Silverlight Color Resource in a ResourceDictionary:

29. How to make an Out of the Browser SL4 Web Browser Applicaiton:

28. Use the new Silverlight 4 Webcam API to create a cool webcam app that even let’s you save images to your hard drive:

27. Use the new Silverlight 4 COM API to make an Out of the Browser application that is able to open a MS Word document:

26. How to make a Timer by using the DispatcherTimer class:

25. Create a Functioning Login UserControl:

24. Use the FarseerPhysics Library to create a Ragdoll with simulated Physics:

23. Create a Sortable ObservableCollection:

22. Create a Silverlight Ragdoll with Simulated Physics:

21. How to create a functioning Silverlight Login UserControl:

20. How to create a Silverlight Timer using the DispatcherTimer class:

19. How to create custom RoutedEvents in Silverlight using Andrew Whiddett’s (IdentityMine) Eventing assembly reference:

18. Use the Silverlight Toolkit’s WrapPanel to create a ListBox that displays three rows of Data:

17. Create a Silverlight custom Silder:

16. How to create a Visual Tree Helper to locate FrameworkElements in the Visual Tree:

15. Using DataBinding to control the Visibility of any Silverlight Object using Blend and Visual Studio:

14. How to create a complete Sketchflow Prototype in Silverlight:

13. Creating a Custom Silverlight Button Just for Designers (using linear and radial gradients, the gradient tool and opacity masks):

12. Creating a Custom Silverlight Button:

11. Creating a Storyboard Helper Class:

10. Importing Photoshop PSD files into Expression Blend 3:

9. Creating Morphing Vector Path Storyboards in Blend

8. Re-Creating a Metallic Logo in Vector using Blend 3
7. Creating Timed Storyboard Animations
6. Using TemplateBinding to Replace a ContentPresenter in a Silverlight Button
5. Working with Data in BLend 3
4. Silverlight 3 Behavior Tutorial Video
3. This Tutorial will teach you how to create a Card Flipping Animation! 

2. Observable Collection Tutorial

1. Silverlight Extended Drag and Drop Behavior:

Enjoy! Victor


New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create Fast Forward for the MediaElement

Hello All!

As you probably already know there is no “built-in” way to accomplish Fast Forward with the Silverlight MediaElement.  So, in this 24 minute video I show you how to:

1. Create a new Silverlight application;
2. Add a MediaElement, a Fast Forward Button and a TextBlock for the video’s position information;
3. Create a PlayState Enum and a DispatcherTimer
4. Then on click of the button I show you how to a. Make the video Fast Forward at 1x speed and b. click it again for 2x speed.

If you are doing video this is a must for any self-respecting video player!


Demo (see the Fast Forward button in action here):
Download my Source Code:

(My Source code is not downloading well for me and a few others, if that is the case Michael Washington, MVP has hosted the source on his servers: download here:  Thank you Michael

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create a Silverlight Paging System to Load new Pages

Toaday I got a comment from a blog reader named Fracisco…I think he wanted to know how to load new pages into a Silverlight website.  Just for him, and because I think many of you have the same problem, I made a video tutorial where I show you how to:

1. Create a Content Holder UserControl;

2. Make two pages called HomePage and AboutUs

3. In App.xaml load ContentHolder instead of MainPage.xaml (the default action of a SL app)

4. Create a SwitchContent method that takes a UserControl as its argument; this method will load the requested page into the ContentHolder control

5. Make a Nav UserControl that has Buttons that load the associated page into the ContentHolder UserControl

6. Add the Nav control to each page

7. Create EventHandlers in the Nav.xaml.cs to load the associated content into the ContentHolder User

8. VIOLA! You will then have a Silverlight paging system that loads any page, on Demand into your MainPage.xaml!


Working Example: (from the source code below)

My Project:

Video: (Running Time: 17 Minutes)

Hi Victor
I’m very new to blend and I need a very basic code to make that button call an hyperlink to create live buttons in blend to be used in Expressions 3 to call the other pages in my site, I try the help in blend (the sample code there only give an error at time to run it) and look in your book Expression blend 3 but I can’t find the answer to to this simple task. Can you help?

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Save an Image in Your Silverlight Applications

Hello All,

I get asked this question probably more than most and that is, how can I save an image to my hard drive from my Silverlight applications.  Well the answer is, I use Joe Stegman’s PngEncoder.cs to do the job.  It works so well and you can implement it in about 5 minutes.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this 7 minute video where I show you how to create a new Silverlight application, add an image to it, add two class files and one method and then save an image right from my Silverlight application.


Source Files:

The SaveTheImage Method (text file)

My PhotoboothApp

The PngEncoder.cs file:

The EditiableImage.cs file:


New Silverlight Video Tutorial: The Blend IDE – Part 2 – Layout Controls and User Input Controls

This is the second installment of the Learn the Blend IDE video series.  This video wraps up the Blend Toolbar by looking at the Layout Controls (Grid, Canvas, etc.) as well as the User Input Controls (such as the Button)



Join me at the Super Happy Dev House Event Jan. 16, Mountainview CA

Hello All,

The Super Happy Dev House is: 

 “The premier monthly hackathon event that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere.

 SuperHappyDevHouse is a non-exclusive event intended for creative and curious people interested in technology. We’re about knowledge sharing, technology exploration, and ad-hoc collaboration. Come to have fun, build things, learn things, and meet new people. It’s called hacker culture, and we’re here to encourage it.”

I will be presenting on the new features of Silverlight 4! Click HERE to find out more!

See you there!

New Silverlight 4 Video Tutorial: How to make an Out Of Browser SL4 Template Project

Whenever you need to make a new Silverlight 4 Out Of Browser (OOB) application you have to do a few things before you even get started. You need to make an Install Button, check for updates and inform the user to restart the applications if in fact updates have been installed.  In this video I show you how to make a SL4 OOB template that can allow you to do these mundane tasks in seconds when creating a new OOB application.


Source Code:


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