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New Video Tutorial: How to Create Custom RoutedEvents in Silverlight

My Good Friend Andrew Whiddett, CTO of IdentityMine wrote a great solution to be able to make Custom RoutedEvents available in Silverlight (currently custom RoutedEvents are only available in WPF).  RoutedEvents as you may or may not know, are the backbone of what makes the Model View View Model development pattern work.  Now, because of Andrew’s genius you can use it in Silverlight too!

Here is a link to the video showing you exactly how to use it:

The URL to the dll:

The URL to my project:

Have fun and Enjoy!  And a Special thanks to my good friend and former mentor, Andrew Whiddett.



New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create a Silverlight Paging System to Load new Pages

Toaday I got a comment from a blog reader named Fracisco…I think he wanted to know how to load new pages into a Silverlight website.  Just for him, and because I think many of you have the same problem, I made a video tutorial where I show you how to:

1. Create a Content Holder UserControl;

2. Make two pages called HomePage and AboutUs

3. In App.xaml load ContentHolder instead of MainPage.xaml (the default action of a SL app)

4. Create a SwitchContent method that takes a UserControl as its argument; this method will load the requested page into the ContentHolder control

5. Make a Nav UserControl that has Buttons that load the associated page into the ContentHolder UserControl

6. Add the Nav control to each page

7. Create EventHandlers in the Nav.xaml.cs to load the associated content into the ContentHolder User

8. VIOLA! You will then have a Silverlight paging system that loads any page, on Demand into your MainPage.xaml!


Working Example: (from the source code below)

My Project:

Video: (Running Time: 17 Minutes)

Hi Victor
I’m very new to blend and I need a very basic code to make that button call an hyperlink to create live buttons in blend to be used in Expressions 3 to call the other pages in my site, I try the help in blend (the sample code there only give an error at time to run it) and look in your book Expression blend 3 but I can’t find the answer to to this simple task. Can you help?

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Save an Image in Your Silverlight Applications

Hello All,

I get asked this question probably more than most and that is, how can I save an image to my hard drive from my Silverlight applications.  Well the answer is, I use Joe Stegman’s PngEncoder.cs to do the job.  It works so well and you can implement it in about 5 minutes.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this 7 minute video where I show you how to create a new Silverlight application, add an image to it, add two class files and one method and then save an image right from my Silverlight application.


Source Files:

The SaveTheImage Method (text file)

My PhotoboothApp

The PngEncoder.cs file:

The EditiableImage.cs file:


New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create Gradients

Hello All!

In doing a lot of speaking engagements I get asked lots of Silverlight questions.  From these questions I have noticed a pattern emerging whereby many people have a terrible time working with gradients.  Of course the real trick, as is with anything, is practice but before one can start to practice they have to understand the tools of the trade.  So, in this short, 10 minute video I show you how to duplicate a somewhat complex gradient while along the way explaining the tools required to do the job; namely, the Gradient tool, the color palette and the Gradient Eyedropper tools. 

With this video and a little practice you too will be able to duplicate the most complex of gradients all on your own!

So, roll up your sleeves, fire up Expression Blend and Get To It!

My Microsoft MVP Award!

My MVP Award just came in the mail and it did not dissapoint.  There was a really nice plaque, a glass award, an MVP ID card and an MVP pin. Take a look at the video of me opening my award!

Click HERE for the video!

New Video Tutorial: How to Use a Behavior to Fire Methods from Objects in Styles

Hello All!

Recently I had a developer ask me how he could fire an event from the CheckBox that I had put in the Style of the UserControl I gave him. 

I thought about it and, the problem is that objects in a Style are not really  part of the Visual Tree until the Style is attached at runtime. 

After a lot of thought and many failures I developed a Behavior (IN CODE) that can  be attached to objects in or out of Styles that allows you to specify what Method they need to fire. This Behavior uses Reflection to find and invoke the specificed method. 

I made a video tutorial to show you how to do it too!


Victor Gaudioso


The New Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) Were Just Announced

Hello All,

Tonight (March 31st, 2010) Microsoft announced their new highly coveted MVP award recipients.  MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional and it is a pretty big deal in the technology space.  And tonight they announced the three newest awardees and I was one of them!  Yes, you read correctly, I am now a Microsoft Expression Blend MVP!  

So, I would like to say thank you to all of those who supported me, read my books, tutorials and articles.  If it were not for you I would not be one of the few Blend MVPs in the world.

And Congrats to the other two newly awarded MVPs: Adam Grocholski (@agrocholski) and Colin Blair (@slcolinblair).

You can read all about what it is to be an MVP here:

Thanks, Victor