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New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Make a Slide In/Out Navigation Bar – All in Blend

In this video tutorial I show you how to use Behaviors and the Visual State Manager to create a navigation bar that slides in when the user places their mouse at the top of the page and then slides away when they move their mouse away from the navigation.  You can see it yourself in action Here.


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Enjoy! Victor Gaudioso


New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Fire a Visual State based upon the value of a Boolean Variable

Hello All!

In this short 7.44 minute video I show you how you can, with one line of C# code fire one of two Visual States based upon the value of a Boolean variable, one if it is true or another one if it is false.  This is much easier than evaluating the variable yourself and then firing each VisualState manually.  Enjoy!


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New Silverlight Video Tutorial: The Blend IDE – Part 4 – The Objects & Timeline and States Panel

Hello All,

In this, the 4th installment of the Learn Blend IDE Video Tutorial Series I teach you about:

1. The Objects & Timeline Panel;

2. The States Panel;

3. How to use the GoToStateAction Behavior to activate a Visual State



Other videos in this series:

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New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create a Complete Sketchflow Prototype Application

Hello All!

In this video tutorial I show you how to create a complete Silveright Sketchflow Prototype complete with Navigation Screens, Component Screens, Interactive Buttons, Visual States,  adding and saving comments, loading comments, and finally the creation of Word documentation (Wireframes).  If you have ever wanted to know everything about Sketchflow this is the video for you. 

So if you have been wondering what all the hype is surrounding this new feature of  Blend 3 then fire up your copy of Blend and watch this video.

Enjoy! Victor


PS: This video was created with Expression Encoder3 Screen Capture